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Accessibility for our residents

The province of Manitoba is committed to improving accessibility for Manitobans. That’s why they passed The Accessibility for Manitobans Act on December 5, 2015 to provide a process to identify, prevent and remove barriers to accessibility.

It’s important that you can access information, services and properties in supporting your health and wellness. We want to ensure we are proactively working to meet the accessibility needs of people in the region by developing an Accessibility Plan.

To help us identify the barriers impacting you, we have surveyed people who live in and access health care in Interlake-Eastern RHA, including our staff, to help us identify priority areas that need to be addressed as part of our Accessibility Plan.

Thank you to all of regional residents and staff members who completed the survey and contributed their voices to the development of our plan. We had 481 surveys returned! 

We’ve summarized survey responses and we are now in the process of writing our plan based on the excellent feedback we've received. Survey responses have guided our areas of focus in our accessibility plan that we anticipate making available by summer 2017. 

Have a compliment or concern about accessibility in the region? Please Tell us!

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