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Accessibility for our residents

Accessibility survey Deadline is May 8!

The province of Manitoba is committed to improving accessibility for Manitobans. That’s why they passed The Accessibility for Manitobans Act on December 5, 2015 to provide a process to identify, prevent and remove barriers to accessibility.

It’s important that you can access information, services and properties in supporting your health and wellness. We want to ensure we are proactively working to meet the accessibility needs of people in the region by developing an Accessibility Plan.

To help us identify the barriers impacting you, we have released a survey to people who live and access health care in Interlake-Eastern RHA and to our staff to help us identify priority areas that need to be addressed as part of our Accessibility Plan.

Thank you to all of our staff members and regional residents who have contributed their voices to the development of our plan by completing the survey. Our survey deadline is May 8 – so please be sure to click on a link below to complete the short survey or visit one of our facilities to pick up a hard copy.

Once we have electronic and hard copy survey information compiled, we’ll be summarizing comments for review by the accessibility working group. Prioritization of information through the survey will guide our areas of focus in our Accessibility Plan that we anticipate making available by summer 2017. 

Complete the survey online at:  

Survey - Identifying Existing Accessibility Barriers
Please drop off your completed survey at any 
Interlake-Eastern RHA facility (hospital, PCH, Community Health Office) near you or:

Mail to:

Interlake-Eastern RHA
Accessibility Survey c/o R. Morrison
233A Main St., Selkirk MB  R1A 1S1

Deadline for survey submission is May 8.

    Ce sondage est disponible en ligne au:

Sondage - Répérer les barrières existantes à l’accessibilité
Vous pouvez livrer le sondage à un établissement de l’ORS
 d’Entre-les-Lacs et de l’Est (hôpital, FSP, centre de santé) près de chez vous ou. 

Envoyer à :
ORS d’Entre-les-Lacs et de l’Est
Sondage sur l’accessibilité, à l’attention de R. Morrison
233A, rue Main, Selkirk (Manitoba) R1A 1S1

La date limite pour la réception des sondages est
lundi le 8 mai 2017.


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