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Care provider team supports smooth transition for patients at Teulon Medical Clinic

Interlake-Eastern RHA is bringing interim health care providers to Teulon Medical Clinic to mitigate any health service disruptions until the clinic is staffed appropriately once again.  Patients of the clinic are attached to the clinic for care, not their individual care provider so that care can be easily transferred to another member of the health care team at any time. The electronic nature of medical records at the clinic ensures a smooth transition and sharing of information amongst the providers.

“Teulon Medical Clinic is a vital part of the well-being and health care of residents in Teulon and surrounding communities,” says Paul Barnard, regional director, primary health care operations and physician services. “By building a model of care that supports health care providers in a collaborative environment, patients are expected to have better health outcomes and less interruptions in service.”

Moving forward, the clinic vision is to put in place a collaborative team of doctors and other practitioners, who complement one another in order to provide timely and quality health care for community and area residents. Combining a spectrum of doctors with other providers in a clinic setting ensures that people have access to the most appropriate care they need to get their health care concern addressed. Recruitment of additional providers is underway.

Patients are encouraged to call the clinic at 204-886-2131 to make an appointment and to confirm walk-in clinic hours. Teulon’s medical clinic operates under the medical directorship of Dr. Michael Loudon. Interlake-Eastern RHA thanks Dr. Loudon for his continued services to patient care in the Teulon and surrounding area.

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