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Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority congratulates Recovery Champions Committee on one year of recovery-based mental health work in our region!

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority Recovery Champions Committee is a motivated group of people that is dedicated to providing leadership and championing of recovery-based principles and practices to assist in the transformation of the region’s mental health system. The recovery based mental health practice ensures mental health services are being delivered in a way that supports the recovery of mental health patients and empowers individuals so they recognize that they are at the centre of the care they receive.

“Recovery has played a major healing role in my life and in my relationships with my family, spouse and children. So personally I want to help as many people as possible who live with a mental health diagnosis to experience similar life changing effects of the recovery movement,” says Ken Reddig, a committee member with lived experience. “An added benefit is that each meeting of Recovery Champions brings me in touch with others who are walking the road to recovery.”

The committee provides a forum for Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority mental health services and community stakeholders including people with lived experience of mental health problems and illnesses, and their family members or natural support, to collaboratively plan, recommend, develop, implement, coordinate, and evaluate actions of the regional mental health system through a recovery lens.

In collaboration with Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors and the provincial Recovery Champions Committee, system transformation within mental health services has been made a priority. Research has shown that when recovery-oriented systems and services are offered to people with lived experience of mental health problems and illness, it leads to better health, social and employment outcomes.

“I’m so grateful that our mental health system has finally recognized that the individual on the other side of the desk has their own goals and plans for their idea of what recovery looks like to them, not just one that is given to them,” says Judy Dunn a committee member and Interlake-Eastern RHA board member. “I've seen some real strides towards recovery oriented thinking with this committee.”

Under the leadership of the regional health authority, this committee has approximately 10 active members with half of its membership being people with lived experience and or family members/natural supports. The remaining half of active membership are staff and partners of the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority mental health program.

May 1 - 7 is Mental Health Awareness Week designed to educate the public on the reality of mental health. For more information, please visit and click on Care in Your Community, Services in Community and Mental Health.


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