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Staff set to move patients into the new Selkirk Regional Health Centre on June 25

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, the first patients will be moved from the former Selkirk and District General Hospital into their new beds in the Selkirk Regional Health Centre. On June 20, the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, Kelvin Goertzen toured the new facility.

“This new centre will provide the entire region with more specialized services such as the region’s first MRI, a family birthing unit, and a larger emergency department,” says Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living Kelvin Goertzen, “This means staying closer to home for many of residents who previously had to travel out of region for some of these services.”

The planning and building process included many staff and construction people, contributions from the local and construction community.

“I commend the many hands that were involved in the completion of this large-scale project, who were there thinking through every last detail to ensure a smooth transition from the former hospital to the new, clinically enhanced facility,” says CEO Ron Van Denakker, “I look forward to the upcoming grand opening this fall that will help showcase the many great features of this hospital.”

The emergency department at Selkirk Regional Health Centre will be triple the size of the former emergency department. The larger space is better equipped to triage patients quickly and move them through to appropriate care. After triage, patients wait in more private waiting areas closer to the area where they will receive care. The new emergency department also features a minor treatment area, bedside cardiac monitoring and bariatric room for larger adults. There’s a private room for gynecological exams for sexual assault victims and a mental health patient room to create an environment of safety and protection for patients who have experienced trauma.

The planning focus of the new hospital was to create an environment that promotes well-being, that is safe, that considers sustainability and that capitalizes on efficiencies in directing the flow of people, information and materials. Finished wood wall panels hide medical equipment in some of the 65 private patient rooms to create a more familiar surrounding for the patient and their families. Patient beds are set at a 45 degree angle so they can have a view to the outside. Local communities contributed to ensuring the new regional health centre reflects the region’s history and culture. Leading practices in health care gathered from across North America are incorporated into the new health centre to ensure its long-term sustainability.

As required by the Manitoba Green Building Policy, the new health centre achieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver rating by using a geothermal heat pump technology for cooling and heating, using 7.5 per cent recycled content and incorporating materials with low indoor air contaminants. The space also embraces greener practices such as bridges stretching over water features, “smart car” auto charging stations and two living roof areas accessed from an exterior terrace.

The hospital main phone number remains the same: (204) 482-5800 and departments and services will retain their current numbers with the move.

All the departments and programs will move into the new facility with the exception of the audiology program. A feasibility study will assess the former hospital’s potential to continue housing certain departments and programs on a short term basis. It will evaluate continued interim operation of the EMS station and the community audiology program and it will review suitability for other programs and office space. If the study concludes the facility to be structurally sound and safe, work will begin to repurpose the hospital for temporary use.

The new health centre is located at 120 Easton Drive, Selkirk, Manitoba between the current hospital and the Selkirk Recreation Complex. For contact information and to view videos and facts, visit, select “Care in Your Hospital” and click on “New Regional Health Centre in Selkirk”. A grand opening and public tours are planned for fall this year. 

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