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Language Interpreter Services

Interlake-Eastern RHA has adopted a provincial policy that provides health care providers with information on how to access trained, professional language interpretation services for people with limited English or those who don’t speak English.

Benefits of Interpreter Services:
• Enable service provider to build relationships with patients
• Help ensure informed consent
• Help protect confidentiality / privacy
• Assist with professional and legal obligations
• Enhance patient safety
• Increase understanding / satisfaction
• Improve quality of care / access to care
• Enhance appropriate utilization of services

Language Interpreter Services are available only via phone and TeleHealth.

Services available are:

  • Indigenous languages (Cree, Ojibway, Salteaux, Dakota)
  • Official languages (French)
  • Deaf/deaf-blind (American Sign Language)
  • Immigrant/refugee languages

How to access services:
Interpreter Services - Language Access

Facility contacts for TeleHealth room bookings



Tips For Working With Trained Interpreters

 Code of Ethics For Interpreters

LAIS Performance Feedback

Interpreter Services Flow Chart

MBTelehealth Services Flow Chart


Interpreter Services

Download the Interpreter services tent card

Video Presentations

*Please note these videos have audio so ensure your volume is turned up.

Introduction to Regional Interpreter Services



How to work effectively with interpreters


Cue Cards in Community Languages

Cue Cards are available in 67 languages and divided into categories including: basic, instructions, family, community, descriptions, medical and dental, objects, people, religion, and time. They also include charts indicating days of the week, months of the year, and a pain scale. This resource can be accessed online at the following link and printed as needed:

PLEASE NOTE: The use of cue cards does not preclude accessing WRHA trained health interpreter services.



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