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Advance Care Planning Day 2018

Who’s on your team? It’s time to talk about Advance Care Planning in Canada

April 16, 2018 – Who should be talking about advance care planning? Everyone. You never know what the future holds, so it’s important for everyone to have a plan in place that speaks to your health care wishes when you might not otherwise be able to speak for yourself.

This year’s theme for Advance Care Planning Day is “My ACP Team.” We don’t always think about our health as involving teamwork, but it does! We need those near and dear to us, who are present during our appointments, and who care for us at home when we’re not well. We need different healthcare providers with their own expertise that informs what care we receive. This teamwork requires us to communicate and coordinate with many different people.

But what happens when we can’t speak for ourselves? Someone else has to lead the talking, coordinating and decision-making. If that happens, our team needs to carry on without our direction, based on their best guesses of what they think we want and need.

That’s where advance care planning comes in—the process of reflecting on and discussing our wishes for care with our team before that day comes when we can’t tell them what we want. It also involves deciding on someone who will take the lead in making decisions for us if we can’t speak for ourselves—our Substitute Decision Maker. Like any good team, it’s about strong communication and planning to get everyone on the same page ahead of time.

The question is: who is on your team and what vision for your care do you want to share with them?

This April 16 is National Advance Care Planning Day, the perfect time to assemble your team and tell them your plan. Every team has a plan that provides direction—sport teams have their playbooks, choirs have their sheet music, organizations have their workplans.

Interlake-Eastern RHA’s palliative care team is available to deliver community presentations on advance care planning. To arrange for a presentation, please contact Sandra Milotte at 1-855-494-7369. For more information on advance care planning and how to start making your own plan, visit the following helpful links:

Advance Care Planning Workbooks and Guides

Manitoba Health Care Directive – Information

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority


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