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Selkirk Regional Health Centre staff and volunteers celebrate arrival of New Year's baby

Rochelle Hofer and husband Patrick of the Beausejour area are celebrating the New Year with the birth of their first child, Will, who arrived at 3:35 the morning of January 1, 2020.

“It was a good experience. We were very well taken care of. The nurses and doctors were great!” said Rochelle while holding Will in Selkirk Regional Health Centre’s family birthing unit.

Will is seven pounds, two ounces and 21.5 inches long. On the day he was born, a member of Selkirk Regional Health Centre’s gift shop volunteers visited him and his parents to carry on a tradition of celebrating the first baby of the year. The family received gifts that included diapers, a new playpen, a baby carrier, a sleeper set and a gift basket and flowers for the new mom. Also part of the gift package from the volunteers was a onesie that says “I was born in Selkirk”.

“We’ve been celebrating New Year’s babies for as long as I can remember and I’ve been here for 20 years,” said Betty Milkowski, president of the gift shop volunteers.

Attending the birth was Dr. Andrea Fulmore and nurses from the family birthing unit. Sara Unrau, who manages the birthing unit, said the number of babies being born at Selkirk Regional Health Centre continues to grow every year.

“In 2019, 389 babies were born in our family birthing unit that services moms from all over the Interlake-Eastern region. That exceeds the 377 births we experienced in 2018,” Unrau said. “We encourage anyone who is expecting to contact us for a tour of the family birthing unit. We appreciate opportunities to highlight features in the unit, introduce ourselves and answer any questions people may have.”

Last year, an additional 11 babies were born elsewhere in the Interlake-Eastern region bringing the total number of births in Interlake-Eastern RHA in 2019 to 400.
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