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Hospital visitation has resumed but appointments may be needed
All hospitals in Interlake-Eastern RHA have opened to a limited number of visitors in accordance with provincial guidelines.

Hospital staff are connecting with patients and their next of kin to identify designated support person(s). Family members can contact hospitals in the meantime to set up visits. Unscheduled visits are not being allowed at this time. Hospital phone numbers are available here.

The visiting process is being handled the same way in all Interlake-Eastern RHA hospitals: 

• The number of visitors for each patient is being limited to one or two people for most patients based on provincial guidelines. During a patient’s last two weeks of life, a maximum of four designated support people may be identified to visit (two of the designated support people may visit within a 24 hour timeframe).
• Limits will be in place regarding the number of visitors allowed into the hospital at any given time.
• Visitors must be pre-determined in consultation with patients. Visiting is not open to all members of the public.
• A listing of visitors to a hospital is being maintained so it is essential that all visitors follow the process outlined for entering and leaving a hospital.
• Hospital staff may make exceptions to the visiting guidelines based on their professional judgement.
• People are strongly advised to contact the hospital for more information prior to visiting.

Upon arrival at the hospital – all visitors can expect:
• To be asked questions about their health status and recent travel status
• To perform hand hygiene prior to entering and leaving a facility
• To be required to maintain physical distancing (6 feet/2 metres apart) at all times
• If required, visitors may be asked to wear personal protective equipment
• Only visitors who have been pre-determined by the patient will be allowed to enter

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