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Primary Care
Nurse Practitioner
Has a Masters Degree in Advanced Practice Nursing to address your health concerns, review your lifestyle and understand your health history for a big picture view of factors that may be affecting your health.

· Assess and diagnose health concerns
 Treat minor concerns
· Order diagnostic tests like X-rays, CT scans and MRIs
 Referral to specialists
· Prescription refills, medication education and side effects
· Birth control prescriptions and emergency contraception
· Reproductive health education
· Health care promotion and healthy living education in clinic and in community

Primary Care Nurse
Specially trained with a broad knowledge base to address many of your routine health concerns

Assess your health condition:
 - temperature
 - heart rate
 - breathing
 - blood pressure
 - pain

· Immunizations
· Flush ears
· Check sore throats
· Help with breast feeding
· Pelvic exams
· Test for sexually transmitted infections & bladder infections
· Health care promotion and education

-more to come

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