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Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol or FASD
 Interlake-Eastern RHA has supports in place for caregivers with children/youth who have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or who are confirmed, based on Canadian diagnostic standards, to have had prenatal exposure to alcohol.

What is FASD?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term that encompasses three specific medical diagnoses:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (pFAS)
Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND)
  • FASD is a result of alcohol exposure during pregnancy that can affect the developing brain
  • FASD is often referred to as a “hidden” or “invisible” disability because most people affected have no noticeable physical features.
  • Manitoba has about 130 FASD-related births per year
  • About 15 percent of Manitoba women report consuming alcohol while pregnant (Source: Family screening data)

The FASD Network

The FASD Network was announced in September 2009. The goal is to increase accessibility to FASD diagnostic services throughout the province. The Network will build diagnostic capacity throughout the province. Manitoba Health and Changes for Children have provided funding. All 5 RHAs are part of the Network.

Referral to your FASD Diagnostic Coordinator

There are several FASD Diagnostic Coordinators throughout Manitoba who:

  • Receive referrals for children and youth living in their regions
  • Complete initial screening to determine eligibility
  • Assist families / legal guardians with information gathering and completion of forms
  • Send completed intake information to the Manitoba FASD Centre
  • Provide support and information to families while awaiting assessment
  • Attend assessments, providing support and information
  • Follow-up meeting & planning after diagnosis
  • Access community resources following diagnosis
  • Remain open as a consultant (following diagnosis) up to the age of 18
  • Provide community & collateral education
  • Co-facilitate Building Circles of Support
  • Provide regional FASD diagnostic satellite clinic development


MB Key Worker Program

A three year pilot project being offered in the Interlake-Eastern RHA to address gaps in service to those living with the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol. Two MB key workers are now in Selkirk and working with caregivers and children/youth located in approximately a one hour drive from Selkirk. They provide education and information specific to the needs of the clients and they assist in accessing support services. These key workers are advocates for establishing support networks designed around the child/youth’s needs and their strengths in home and in school.

Referrals for access to the MB Key Worker program in Selkirk and area can be made by contacting the MB key workers directly:

Shannon Foster
(204) 785-7548

Robyn Laurie
(204) 785-7680
           FORMS for MB Key Worker Program 
MB Key Worker Intake Form          
          - MB Key Worker Adult Intake Form 

To discuss a potential referral of a child for an FASD assessment, contact one of Interlake-Eastern RHA's FASD diagnostic coordinators:

Sherisse Picklyk Dear
FASD Diagnostic Coordinator (West) 
237 Manitoba Ave, 
Selkirk, MB, R1A 0Y4
Phone: 1-204-785-7547
Fax: 1-204-785-7698

Devon Ungurain
FASD Diagnostic Coordinator (East)
HEW Primary Health Care Centre
31-1st Street, Box 1208
Beausejour, MB  R0E 0C0
Phone: 1-204-268-7705
Fax: 1-204-268-4194

referral form needs to be completed and sent to one of the Interlake-Eastern RHA Coordinators. Referrals are accepted from a variety of sources including:

  • families
  • physicians
  • health care professionals
  • child and Family Services
  • schools
  • other community professionals
  • families can directly contact the coordinator to initiate a request for assessment.

Criteria for assessment include confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure; consent of a child's or adolescent's legal guardian, identified developmental and learning concerns.

Once a Referral is Received: The FASD coordinator contacts the legal guardian and assesses eligibility. An intake package is sent to the legal guardian. The FASD coordinator is available to meet with families and/or schools to assist with gathering required information. Families may be asked to forward copies of any earlier assessments that have been completed. The Coordinator forwards the completed intake package to the diagnostic centre for determining the assessment plan. A letter is sent to the family and source of referral outlining the assessment plan.

Assessments for the Interlake-Eastern RHA take place at the Manitoba FASD Centre in Winnipeg using a multidisciplinary team approach in accordance with the FASD Canadian National Guidelines. The assessment team is composed of:

  • Physicians (Developmental Pediatricians, Geneticists)
  • Psychologist
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Regional Diagnostic Coordinator

One of three assessment teams will be assigned: preschool team, school-age team, adolescent team. Assessments are not available for individuals over 18 years old.

For Parents of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Building Circles of Support is an 8 week information program offered through MBTelehealth locations within the region. This program targets family members of children diagnosed with FASD. It offers valuable education to all those who interact with children who live with this disorder. Each week a different topic on FASD is addressed including guest speakers and handouts. Sessions will be held in Selkirk and Beausejour with other locations being scheduled. Contact a coordinator directly for more information and to sign up.

An Educational Series on FASD - 2016 Locations:


Required Forms

Submitted for:
Submitted by:
Referral form
all children referred for assessment
Physician, social worker or other professional
General information form
all children referred for assessment
Legal guardian
children in daycare of preschool programs Daycare director
Request for School information
School principal or designate
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