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Health Ethics

Ethical Issues in Health Care

Ethical issues are part of everyday life. In ethics, as in life, peace of mind is a result of having healthy relationships. Clinical ethics dilemmas arise when a patient, patient’s family, clinical staff or physician has concerns about the delivery of health care.  Either there does not appear to be a clear course of action or there are disagreements or conflicts of values, interests or perspectives.

Topics that are “value-laden” are ethical in nature. This includes anything that relates to rights, obligations, responsibilities, justice and fairness.

Taking a second look is often helpful. Talking it out with the people involved is important. Ultimately, it may be necessary to call on an outside party to review the situation and sort out the essential issues.
Regional Ethics Committee

The regional ethics committee develops and implements a framework for ethical decision-making and associated processes to support regional care providers in addressing ethical issues.

Questions for the ethics committee can be directed to



Questions can be directed to
Questions can be directed to
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