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Immunization Update 2017 for Nurse Providers




Immunization Programs within Manitoba are governed under the Communicable Disease Control Branch of Manitoba Health and Healthy Living. The Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority (Interlake-Eastern RHA) Immunization Program is part of comprehensive communicable disease prevention, control and management and is a core public health service. Recommended immunization programs are based on national and provincial epidemiologic data and consultation within various committees and advisory groups at the regional and provincial levels.

Public Health Act and the Interlake-Eastern RHA Immunization Program

The Interlake-Eastern RHA is responsible for the coordination of health services based on the needs of the population in this region. These health services include communicable disease control and prevention. Each Manitoba Regional Health Authority is responsible for implementing legislated services found in the Public Health Act. Immunization services are part of communicable disease control and disease prevention. The provision of such services makes public health staff an integral partner in improving health within communities.

Immunization Competency

All Public Health vaccine providers will have completed an immunization competency program prior to providing immunization services. An immunization competency program has been developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society in association with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada. This Immunization Competencies Education Program provides participants with an in depth review of the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals, a national consensus on the education and training required by immunization providers. The purpose of the immunization competency program is to assist immunization providers to fulfill their roles as vaccine advocates, educators, and service providers. A vaccine provider must demonstrate the attitudes, knowledge, and clinical skills necessary to provide safe and effective immunization programs.

The Regional Immunization Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the immunization program orientation reflects evidenced-based guidelines and current Canadian public health practice. The Immunization Coordinator also ensures that Public Health staff who provide immunizations are competent through the Interlake-Eastern RHA Immunization Competency Program criteria:

  • Public Health Nurses will complete the Immunization Competencies Education Program prior to providing service
  • RNs, RPNs and LPNs who pick up additional available shifts in the Immunization Program will complete the IERHA Immunization Education Session prior to providing service or an on-line refresher package for returning nurses
  • Current certification for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training as per current regional standards.  
  • Completion of Anaphylaxis Management training

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2. Immune System & Vaccines


Immunization Practices    (informed consent, contraindications, allergies, administration, storage, etc) 
MB Health Protocol for Management of Anaphylaxis 
Vaccine-related Allergic Reactions 2016
Adverse Events following Immunization Reporting Form
(for more information, link to IERHA Immunization Manual 2012 here)


Flu and Pneumo Vaccine Reference Guide 2017
Flulaval Tetra Product Monograph 2017
FluMist Product Monograph 2017
Flu Vaccine info for Acute and LTC 2017
FluMist Screening Questionnaire 2017
Fluzone HD Product Monograph 2017 (for LTC ONLY)
Fluzone Product Monograph 2017
IERHA FluPneumo VConsent Screening form 2017
IERHA Flu Q and A for HCPs 2017
Manitoba Health Influenza Plan 2017
MB Health FluMist Q and A for HCP's 2017
MB Health Flu Vaccine fact sheet 2017
MB Health Pneumo 23 Vaccine Fact Sheet 2017
NACI Statement for Influenza 2017-18
Notice of Immunization 2017

Pneumovax 23 Product Monograph 2016
Public Health Flu and School Program 2017


Grade 6 Hepatitis B Vaccine and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine programs 
   MB Health Hep B Vaccine Fact Sheet 2017
   Engerix B Product Monograph 2015
   Hepatitis B Vaccine Reference Guide 2017
   MB Health HPV Vaccine Fact Sheet 2016
   HPV (Gardasil) Vaccine Reference Guide 2017
   Gardasil Product Monograph 2015

Grade 8 Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis (Tdap) program 
  & HPV vaccine catch-up program for Grade 8 males (see HPV vaccine information above) 
   MB Health Tdap Vaccine Fact Sheet 2015
   Tdap Vaccine Reference Guide   
   Adacel Product Monograph  

Acknowledgement of Immunization Update, Community   

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