A valuable tool for emergency room staff
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Selkirk & District General Hospital ER Displays Patient Wait Times


Selkirk & District General Hospital is now displaying approximate patient wait times in the emergency room. The patient wait time display monitor shows the number of patients currently waiting to see a health care provider and the length of time most people have been waiting. The Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), installed at the beginning of March, has been gathering information since then to calculate approximate patient wait times.


In addition to displaying patient wait times, EDIS provides emergency room staff with patient tracking information that includes details about each patient admitted to the emergency room. Data is electronically entered, including symptoms, allergies and personal information. ER staff can view all information at a glance on a computer screen and continually update the information during treatment. EDIS also allows staff to flag areas of patient concern so anyone caring for the patient is aware of potential risks. For example, if a patient is at risk of a fall, an alert can be flagged in the system to make sure all staff know and take necessary precautions.    


According to Victor Magnusson, emergency room clinical resource nurse at Selkirk & District General Hospital, the system has quickly become a valuable tool.


“My first impression of EDIS was that it focused mainly on triage and establishing patient wait times. Now I see its focus is on communication and treatment. It is a very valuable tool,” Magnusson said.


Selkirk & District General Hospital is the second hospital outside Winnipeg to begin using the system.

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