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Cancer Navigation Services New Office Officially Opens for Interlake-Eastern RHA residents

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority’s Cancer Navigation Services team officially opened its new home at 203-237 Manitoba Avenue in Selkirk on May 27. This team helps people living with cancer navigate their way through the health care system.


The open house included display booths from Canadian Cancer Society, Breast Chek, CancerCare Manitoba, First Nations / Metis / Inuit Cancer Control, Community Cancer Programs, Manitoba Women’s Cancer Network and Guardian Angel Caring Room with representatives handing out information.


The Hon. Peter Bjornson, minister of housing and community development, spoke about the importance of Cancer Navigation Services to residents of the region and Karen Berube of Winnipeg, an oncology nurse, participated in the opening presentations by sharing her story as a two time cancer survivor.


The Cancer Navigation Services team includes two nurse navigators, who work with the patient’s primary health care team to ensure they have the information they need regarding treatment, informed decision making and connect clients with education and practical and emotional support. The team’s psychosocial oncology clinician is a social worker who assists with the emotional, psychological, social and practical issues that a cancer diagnosis can bring. With this help, clients can learn about and access support programs that may be of help.  Nurse navigators and cancer counseling services are free and available to everyone. Cancer Navigation Services can be reached at 1-855-557-2273.


The Cancer Navigation Services team also includes a community engagement liaison whose office is in Eriksdale Wellness Centre. This liaison links people requesting service to the team and provides people with information about cancer services. The liaison can be reached by calling 1-204-739-4457.


Cancer Navigation Services is a valuable resource that helps clients through their cancer journey. To date, the team has worked with over 275 individuals and is receiving, on average, two new referrals every day. There are many more people across the region that could benefit from Cancer Navigation Services. The team reports that many clients come to them at later and palliative stages which results in poorer outcomes. The team complements the region’s Community Cancer Programs where individuals can obtain comprehensive cancer care closer to home. This includes chemotherapy and follow up care and support, allowing patients to stay connected to their families and communities.


Interlake-Eastern RHA has three Community Cancer Programs located in hospitals in Gimli, Pinawa and Selkirk. Community Cancer Programs are day clinics staffed by a team of family physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals who have received specialized education in oncology. Staff work with CancerCare Manitoba oncologists and their teams and retain overall responsibility for the patient’s care.


If you or someone you know, thinks they might have cancer or has been diagnosed with cancer, please call Cancer Navigation Services at 1-855-557-2273 for information on how they can provide help. For more information, click here.

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