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Celebrating 40 Years of Home Care

As part of our celebration of 40 years of home care service in Manitoba, we are sharing a few stories from across our region that bring to life what makes home care so unique and why this service is so significant in helping keep people in their homes instead of health care facilities.


A Note From Our CEO


Ron Van Denakker
Ron Van Denakker
CEO, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Home care is one of those services that you really don’t understand until you have exposure to it. It plays a huge role in keeping people in their homes where they are most comfortable rather than in hospital or other health care facilities.

One reason for the service’s far reaching success is our staff. There are over 600 home care nurses and support workers across our region who provide necessary services and just as importantly, companionship, to approximately 3,000 clients. Listening to some of the conversations during the “Day in the Life” event, I was able to get a sense of how strong relationships between clients are staff are. It was heart warming to witness and I thank you for opening your doors and your hearts and sharing your experience with me.

Happy 40
th Anniversary Home Care!


The following videos were created as part of Interlake-Eastern RHA’s “Day in the Life of Home Care” event. We partnered with some of our clients to open up the doors on home care to share an up close and personal glimpse of this growing service. Please take a moment to view each personal home care story.

Hello Dolly  Mike's Story   a family affair      
 Click to view "Hello Dolly"  Click to view "Mike's Story"  Click to view "Family Affair"
 Sharing the story of Leo and his wife Margaret who are receiving respite services through home care to help with Margaret's dementia.  This is the story of 95-year-old, Mike, and his family who rely on home care services to keep him living independently at home.  Lucille and her daughters Sarah and Angela - building relationships, providing support and making people's day across our region.      

Did you know?

  • Home care is the oldest comprehensive, province-wide, universal home-care service in Canada
  • Home care is provided to Manitobans of all ages (we assess needs and taking into account other resources available to the individual including families, community resources and other programs
  • Interlake-Eastern RHA currently has approximately 600 staff members working in home care services – that is roughly 20 per cent of the region’s work force
  • Approximately 3,000 clients are receiving home care services in the region right now
  • In addition to home care worker support, home care services employs nurses who conduct home visits to deliver wound care, administer injections, teach client/family how to attend to specific health care needs, and monitor, on a short term basis, health conditions like heart issues or diabetes
  • For more information on home care services in the region, please contact your health care provider, community health office or click here.
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