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Five Dollar Club - a charitable giving program for Interlake-Eastern staff

In recognition that:

  1. Corporate giving is a worthwhile and valuable undertaking.
  2. As the largest employer in the Interlake-Eastern region, the Regional Health Authority (RHA) has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in the area of corporate giving by supporting and enhancing regional health projects and initiatives that are consistent with its Vision, Mission and Values.
  3. It is a central role of the Interlake-Eastern RHA to provide opportunities for its Board and staff to participate in charitable giving as an empowering and satisfying way for Board and staff to contribute to the health and well-being of our residents, communities and non-profit organizations.
  4. Board and staff participation in any activities, initiatives or undertakings associated with the RHA’s Culture of Philanthropy are entirely voluntary and do not entail any special privilege or consideration.

Interlake-Eastern RHA introduced in December 2014 a voluntary payroll deduction of $5 per pay period for staff members interested in participating in a charitable giving program.

The Five Dollar Club provides participating staff members with an opportunity to identify, and submit for consideration of financial support, programs and intiatives within the region or within Manitoba Health's system that will benefit Interlake-Eastern RHA's clients and patients.  

Every February, a short list of potential donation opportunities is provided to staff for their vote to determine where to direct funds generated through the Five Dollar Club.

Unsolicited funding proposals will not be accepted.


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