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Local Health Involvement Groups in Place to Represent Community Voices in Health Care

 Interlake-Eastern RHA hosted its first Local Health Involvement Group (LHIG) meeting on April 29. The meeting brought together the region’s 27 LHIG representatives for a one day familiarization and planning session with Ron Van Denakker, CEO, and Oral Johnston, chair of the RHA’s board of directors. 


“We have been waiting for this day for a long time,” Johnston said. “We heard very clearly in the consultation process that our residents want to see accountability in health care and we strive for that. Now the board has formalized partnerships in place through our LHIGs that give us expanded reach into our region.”


When the Province merged Manitoba’s regional health authorities from eleven to five in 2012, it mandated the creation of LHIGs to preserve community voices in the regions.


To determine the structure and function of LHIGs, regional health authorities hosted public consultations across Manitoba in 2012 and early 2013. In Interlake-Eastern RHA, public consultations in Ashern, Selkirk, Beausejour, Lac du Bonnet and Gimli attracted more than 100 people who shared their opinions. People also had the opportunity to provide comment online.  A provincial working group reviewed feedback and created recommendations for LHIGs that were approved by the Minister of Health. Each region was responsible for submitting its own LHIG plan to the Minister of Health for approval.


Interlake-Eastern’s approved LHIG plan consists of three geographic based LHIGs, east, west and central, and one regional patient advisory committee. The RHA called for LHIG applicants through local media press releases, direct communication with stakeholders, information in RM and town council offices, displays in health facilities and application information on the Interlake-Eastern RHA website. Thirty-five individuals applied to sit on the LHIGs. Applicants were reviewed by a sub-group of the RHA’s board.


LHIGs will next meet in June. They will be given a question, defined by the Interlake-Eastern RHA’s board, for public consultation, discussion and response to the board. Later in the year, each LHIG will have the opportunity to suggest to the board a question they would like to focus on.


Representatives from each LHIG will present their findings to the RHA’s board. The board will respond by identifying to LHIGs how their contribution informed the board’s strategic planning process.


Once the board has defined the question for LHIG consideration, the RHA will provide opportunities for members of the public and other community/regional health care groups to provide feedback for LHIG consideration. Background information on the LHIGs is available at, “About us”, “Community Involvement”, “Local Health Involvement Groups”.


See next page for a listing of LHIG members and board liaisons.

2015-2016 Interlake-Eastern RHA Local Health Involvement Groups



West Local Health Involvement Group

Board liaison: Ruth Ann Furgala   Board liaison alternate: Debbie Thorsteinson

Allan Cadger


Tammy Dziadek


Elizabeth (Bette) Farguson


Deanna Fridfinnson


Samantha Frost

Stony Mountain

Gail B. Holmes

Eriksdale, MB

Shirley Michaluk


Olva Odlum


Dianna Shymko


Henry Sikora


Bev Trachuk

Fisher Branch



Central Local Health Involvement Group

Board liaison: Randeep Saini                       Board liaison alternate: Denis Fitzpatrick

Judy Bergson


Bob Carmichael


Shawna Cromie


Linda Gmiterek


John Paulsen


Leonard Pleskacz


Mary Wernicke


Eleanor Zieske




East Local Health Involvement Group

Board liaison: Therese Conroy                    Board liaison alternate: Andrea Gaffray

Gail Conrad Davey

Lac du Bonnet

Marlene Farrell

Victoria Beach

Mary Greber


Kay Harvey


Margaret Mills


Sheila Sutyla


Jillian Whitford

St. Georges

Marline Wruck

Lac du Bonnet


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