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New Physician Accepting Patients in Pinawa and Whitemouth

Dr. Manish Garg, formerly of Northampton, United Kingdom, is now accepting patients in Pinawa and Whitemouth.

Dr. Garg is the first physician recruited by the Eastern Region Community Health Committee and Interlake-Eastern RHA through a pilot project with international recruitment firm, Waterford Global Inc.

He is a general practitioner with significant experience in both primary and hospital care, as well as in emergency medicine. In addition to his passion for family medicine, Dr. Garg also has experience in assessing and managing patients with mental illness, drug and alcohol problems. He has been a clinical teacher for medical students at Leicester University and he has enjoyed providing medical services to major fundraising expeditions for various United Kingdom based charities.

Working from a Pinawa home base, Dr. Garg will help to ease the hospital and primary care work load physicians have been facing over the last year. Dr. Garg will also provide clinical services at the Whitemouth Medical Clinic.

According to Eastern Region Community Health Committee chair and Mayor of Pinawa, Blair Skinner, residents have been quick to embrace the arrival of Dr. Garg and his wife Karen.

“We are very excited to welcome Dr. Manish and his wife Karen to become part of the Pinawa and area community.  The arrival of Dr. Garg is an important milestone in restoring stable healthcare to the Pinawa/Whitemouth/Lac du Bonnet area. We are proud to partner with the R.M. of Whitemouth, the Town and R.M. of Lac du Bonnet, and the IERHA on this unprecedented project, which shows what can be done when we work together to solve a problem that is facing almost all of rural Canada,” Skinner said.

Dr. Garg has committed to a long-term agreement that includes commitments to provide primary care in Pinawa and Whitemouth and to participate in the rotation for on call in the emergency room at Pinawa Hospital.

This is the first time the RHA has used a recruiting firm to secure physicians and, according to Interlake-Eastern RHA CEO, Ron Van Denakker, Dr. Garg’s arrival is a shining example of community participation in recruitment.

“We worked together with residents to ensure Dr. Garg will be a very good fit in the communities under his care. We are confident that the communities’ support will translate into an ongoing welcome and engagement that we know is so important to retaining our physicians,” Van Denakker said.

Appointments with Dr. Garg can be made by calling 204-753-2351 in Pinawa and 204-348-2291 in Whitemouth.

The recruitment firm’s services complement the RHA’s ongoing physician recruitment efforts that include targeting recent medical graduates in Manitoba and Canada and attracting international medical graduates to Manitoba through active engagement in the International Medical Graduate recruitment program. The Eastern Region Community Health Committee is composed of elected leaders from the Local Government District of Pinawa, the towns of Beausejour, Lac du Bonnet and Powerview-Pine Falls and the rural municipalities of Alexander, Brokenhead, Lac du Bonnet, Reynolds, Springfield, Victoria Beach and Whitemouth.


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