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Canadian Patient Safety Week - October 26-30

Interlake-Eastern RHA promotes good communication amongst health providers and patients this Canadian Patient Safety Week

Canadian Patient Safety Week is October 26-30, 2015. This year the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority will be celebrating by promoting the theme “Good Communication is Good for Patient Safety.” Community pharmacies, physician and nurse practitioner offices have also been invited by the RHA to participate.

“Communication is as essential to good health as exercise, eating right and the company of a good companion,” says Kathy Pragnell, Quality and Patient Safety Manager, “We want to encourage all Interlake-Eastern residents to think about their role in good communication.”

To promote this theme the RHA will be distributing tips and tools to get the conversation started through health care service places, including medication cards and “Tips for Talking” to help prepare for medical appointments or any interaction with the health care system.

Here are five tips to get you talking…
• Bring someone with you to take notes during your appointment.
• Be sure to share a list of all your medications with your healthcare provider.
• It’s alright to ask your health care provider to clean their hands.
• Repeat back what your provider said to ensure you understand correctly.
• Ensure you understand next steps. This will help your care plan.

Interlake-Eastern RHA is a member of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS) which is a strong advocate for patient safety awareness and education. They have many valuable resources for health care providers and the general public, including how to engage with your health care provider and advocate for yourself or a loved one. For more information visit and click on “Resources & Tips”, then “Patients & Families”, and then “Advocating for yourself and others”.

Canadian Patient Safety Week encourages health care providers, patients and citizens to become more engaged in their own health care and was created by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) in 2005 to “inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality.” For more information about CPSI please visit

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