Call 1-855-295-8296 or 1-204-785-9761 for appointments or schedule confirmation
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Mobile Clinic - Primary health care closer to home

Phone Toll Free:  1-855-295-8296 or 1-204-785-9761 to make an appointment or confirm clinic schedule.

Clinic space is currently under development in Seymourville, Grand Marais, Prawda and Gypsumville so we can begin offering care closer to home for many of our residents!

We apologize for the inconvenience but the Mobile Clinic is not operating until further notice.


How does primary health care benefit me and my family?

Primary care, such as that offered at a clinic by a doctor or nurse practitioner, is the place you receive regular health-care. By accessing regular primary healthcare you're more likely to remain healthy and need less trips to hospitals or urgent care centres.

Residents of surrounding communities are encouraged to visit the clinic in the community nearest them if they are looking for primary care.

Health care providers on the mobile clinic:

A registered nurse practitioner staff s the mobile clinic. They provide the following services:

• regular check ups and physicals
• help with managing a chronic disease or condition
• health promotion, encouraging healthy behaviors and education
• referrals to other health services and specialists
• treatment for minor ailments
• prescribe medications
• some lab services 
• vaccinations

How do I make an appointment?



Please phone toll free: 1-855-295-8296 or 1-204-785-9761  to schedule an appointment.

What does the mobile clinic look like?

This specially designed oversized RV is a fully functioning primary health care clinic. It is designed to become people's home clinic where they can receive most of their health care needs and/or access it as their health care needs require. The mobile clinic includes two exam rooms, a wheelchair accessible entrance and it provides access to the same medical equipment and technology found in any other clinic.

Contact information

For an appointment, please phone 1-204-785-9761 or toll free: 1-855-295-8296

For further information or to share your thoughts, please contact:

Paul Barnard
Regional Director, Primary Health Care Operations and Physician Services
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority












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