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Job Descriptions - Non-Union

 Administrative Assistant - Acute Care
 Administrative Assistant - Corporate Services & Support Services
 Administrative Assistant - Education & Occupational Safety & Health
 Administrative Assistant - Payroll and Leave Management
 Administrative Assistant - Physicians Services
 Administrative Assistant - Physician Services/ Primary Health Care
 Associate CMO
 Business Office Manager
 Business Officer - Physician Services
 Chief Executive Officer
 Clinical Team Manager - Clinical Programs
 Clinical Team Manager - Home Care
 Clinical Team Manager - Home Care Nursing & Palliative Care
 Clinical Team Manager - Mental Health
 Clinical Team Manager - Primary Health Care
 Clinical Team Manager - Public Health
 Communications Associate I
 Communications Associate II
 Data Integrity Analyst - Health Information
 Director, Regional Primary Care Operations
 EMS Manager
 EMS - Operations Supervisor
 Executive Assistant
 Executive Assistant - PCH Program
 Financial Analyst
 HR Indigenous Human Resources Development Assistant
 HR Indigenous Human Resources Development Officer
 Human Resources Information Data Entry Clerk
 HR Disability Case Coordinator
 HR Labour Relations Coordinator
 HR Labour Relations Officer
 HR Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator
 Human Resources Supervisor - Scheduling
 HR Manager, Occupational Safety & Health and Regional Education
 HR Disability Case Coordinator
 IT Clinical Application Analyst
 IT Clinical Application Specialist - Accuro EMR
 IT EMR Clinical Application Analyst
 IT Electronic Patient Record Application Analyst
 IT Information Technology Technician
 IT Infomation Technology Quality Educator
 IT Network Administrator Support
 IT Network Analyst
 IT Operations Manager, Selkirk
 IT Regional Coordinator, Information Technology Infrastructure
 IT Regional Coordinator, Information Technology Support
 IT Senior Network Administrator
 IT Support Analyst
 Manager, Health Information Services
 Manager Health Information Services - Community
 Manager, Home Care - Senior Supports
 Manager, Labour Relations
 Manager, Planning and Evaluation
 Manager, Support Services
 Manager, Support Services - Food Services - Selkirk Regional Health Centre
 Mental Health Clinical Specialist
 Payroll Clerk
 Payroll & Pension Specialist
 Physician Recruitment Officer
 Physician Services - Credentialling Assistant
 Primary Care CQI Specialist Business Implementation Manager
 Project Analyst
 Project Director - PMO
 Project Manager, Capital Planning
 Quality & Patient Safety Coordinator
 Quality & Risk Management Coordinator
 Receptionist - Corporate Office
 Receptionist Clerk - Pinawa Office
 Regional Coordinator, Disaster Management
 Regional Director, Acute Care
 Regional Director, EMS
 Regional Director, Financial Services
 Regional Director, Home Care & Palliative Care Program
 Regional Director, Information Technology
 Regional Director, Materials Management
 Regional Director, Mental Health, Crisis & Addiction Services
 Regional Director, PCH Program
 Regional Director, Public Health
 Regional Manager, Communications & Public Relations
 Regional Manager, Disaster Management
 Regional Manager, Financial Services
 Regional Manager, Health Information Services
 Regional Manager, Home Care and Hospital Home Programs
 Regional Manager of Payroll
 Regional Manager, Patient Access & Transition
 Regional Manager, PCH Program Standards and Development
 Regional Nursing Supervisor
 Regional Privacy Advisor
 Regional Recreation Program Manager
 Regional Scheduling Coordinator
 Resident Systems Coordinator
 Selkirk Hospital Orientation Training Project Manager
 Senior Financial Analyst
 Senior HRIS Specialist
 Site Manager - Lakeshore General Hospital
 Supervisor, Housekeeping & Laundry - SRHC
 Vice President, Acute Care Chief Nursing Officer
 Vice President, Community Services and CAHO
 Vice President, Corporate Services
 Vice President, Finance & CFO
 Vice President - Human Resources
 Vice President, Primary Health Care & CMO


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