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Funding Available for Fitness Leaders to Offer Physical Activity Programs in the Interlake-Eastern Region
The Physical Activity Leadership (PAL) Committee recently expanded its offering of the leadership training bursary program to the entire Interlake-Eastern region. This bursary program provides funding assistance to those seeking to become certified physical activity leaders so they can offer physical activity programs in their communities. Examples of those eligible to apply for this bursary would include fitness leaders, swim instructors and sport coaches.

“This bursary program gives those individuals wanting to take the leap into a new field a good start and support to begin their new journey,”says Shelly Stumph Edbom, who is certified as a group fitness leader through the PAL program. “It’s especially important because physical activity brings a community together.”

“We direct the younger people who would like to become swim instructors to the bursary program because it helps offset the costs of the three courses necessary to obtain that certification,” says Tom Chwaliboga, recreational director for Arborg Bifrost Community Centre. “The more instructors that can be certified, the more swimming activities we can offer our community.”

Diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease are all illnesses that put a great deal of stress on the Manitoba health care system and physical inactivity is one of the major factors that lead to a patient being diagnosed with a chronic disease. Programs like this increase the number of physical activity options in rural areas and contribute to healthier communities.

The PAL committee is made up of a team of multi-disciplinary members who review the leadership training bursary applications from prospective leaders in the region. Applicants can apply to have their expenses such as course registration fees and mileage to attend the training session(s) covered up to a maximum of $500 per year. Applicants understand that there is a commitment to offer programs as a leader within the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority geographic boundary for a minimum of one year upon receipt of their bursary. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis and are reviewed by the committee monthly.

Interested applicants can visit and click “Care in Your Community” and “Community Wellness Team" and “Funding, Grants & Bursaries” or by phoning the Interlake-Eastern RHA Community Wellness Team, toll-free at 1-877-979-9355 or emailing

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