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Community Initiatives




In collaboration with Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors and the provincial Recovery Champions Committee, system transformation within mental health services has been made a priority. 

Research has shown that when recovery-oriented systems and services are offered to individuals with lived experience of mental health problems and illness, it leads to better health, social and employment outcomes, including reduced hospitalization and emergency visits, and increased likelihood of successful goal achievement related to employment and housing. Individuals with lived experience, family and staff also show greater levels of satisfaction in recovery-oriented mental health systems (Manitoba Health, 2015). 

In response to this, and in order to address this priority within our region, the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority has developed a regional Recovery Champions Committee. Under the leadership of the regional health authority, this newly created committee has approximately 10 active members with 50% of its membership being individuals with lived experience and or family members/natural supports. The remaining 50% of active membership are staff and partners of the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority Mental Health Program. 

The purpose of the regional Recovery Champions Committee is to provide a forum for Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority mental health services and community stakeholders, including individuals with lived experience of mental illnesses and their family members or natural supports, to collaboratively plan, recommend, develop, implement, coordinate, and evaluate actions of the regional mental health system through a recovery-oriented lens. 

This group of people is a motivated and spirited committee that is dedicated to providing leadership and championing of recovery-based principles and practices to further assist in influencing and achieving system transformation of the region’s mental health system.

Click here to read Manitoba's Mental Health Strategic Plan, Rising to the Challenge.

Click here to read more about Recovery Champions. 



Interlake-Eastern Suicide Prevention Committee

The Interlake-Eastern Suicide Prevention Committee is comprised of community members and community agencies/organizations. The mission of the committee is to support initiatives that are designed to prevent the occurrence of suicide by promoting mental well-being and encouraging help-seeking behaviour through awareness and educational activities. Each year, the committee supports mental well-being initiatives with some of the projects including:



  • The development and distribution of a bookmark with information focusing on postpartum depression. Postpartum Depression


  • Purchase and donation of books on mental well-being to all 17 public libraries within the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority.


  • Supporting a media awareness campaign with local media organizations to raise awareness of the importance of sensitive reporting when reporting on mental health and suicide.



The Language of Suicide Video​​​​ 

Click the title of the video above to watch the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth's video, which outlines some of the language encouraged to be used when discussing suicide. The video is short, clear and offers comprehensive terms to create a better way of communicating.






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