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Wi-Fi now available to patients, visitors and staff at Pinawa hospital thanks to local community groups
The Pinawa and Whitemouth communities recently came together to meet patients’ needs at Pinawa Hospital. The Women’s Auxiliary, Pinawa Lion’s Club, Whitemouth Lion’s Club, Acsion and the Pinawa Foundation, recently donated over $8,000 to Pinawa for equipment, installation of Wi-Fi and two years of monthly payments.  Patients, staff and visitors of the facilities can now stay connected with others, remain current with activities of daily living, enjoy entertainment found online and stay informed. Staff can also use Wi-Fi to download apps related to their patients’ care. For example, apps to help communicate with patients who have special needs.

The Women’s Auxiliary raised $3,000 for the equipment through different events like the summer barbeque, carnation and pie sales as well as soup lunches. Money from the Pinawa Woman’s Auxiliary sale of puzzle books, sweets and blankets also contributed.

“We are happy to contribute to such a wonderful cause for patients and their families,” says Jackie Snider, treasurer of the Pinawa Woman’s Auxiliary. “The Pinawa Women’s Auxiliary continues to provide both necessary and comforting items to make each patient’s stay in the hospital a little bit brighter.”

The Pinawa Lion’s Club also donated $3,000 towards the cause. Peter Sargent, of the Pinawa Lion’s Club says the club also has a history of donating to the hospital.

“In the past we have donated TVs for the rooms and now we’re donating to another great cause, Wi-Fi. People go to the hospital and are often there for long periods of time. Entertainment like Wi-Fi and TV is important because it provides a sense of normalcy for people to engage in activities they would do at home.”

Since Wi-Fi was brought into the facilities, hospital clinical team manager, Tracy Abraham has noted that patients are using the internet for a variety of activities.

“We’ve noticed patients using the Wi-Fi to download apps, make online bill payments, stay connected to family and friends and in some cases patients and family members can use Wi-Fi to work during their stay in the hospital. Thank you from the patients and staff at Pinawa Hospital for coming together once again to provide the resources needed to make patients’ stay in our hospital better.”

On a related note, all personal care homes in the region now have Wi-Fi so residents can keep in touch with family and friends who live farther away through Skype and email.
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