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Language Interpreter Services

Our region is working to make health care even more accessible to our patients by adopting regional interpreter services. Some highlights of the policy include that patients shall be made aware of the availability of trained interpreter services. These services benefit the client/health care provider relationship by enhancing patient safety, improving quality of care, access to care and patient satisfaction.

This symbol in our facilities indicates interpreter services are available. To access these services, please discuss with office reception when making your health care appointment and indicate if you or the family member  has language barriers. Inquire about interpreter services being an option at that site.

The role of an interpreter is to facilitate communication between people who do not share a common language. Interpreting involves converting and delivering a message, as accurately and as faithfully as possible, from one language into an equivalent message in another language.

Services available include:
-Indigenous languages (Cree, Ojibway, Salteaux, Dakota)
-Official languages (French)
-Deaf/deaf-blind (American Sign Language)
-Immigrant/refugee languages

For more information contact:
Lauralou Cicierski

Regional Manager of Public Relations and Communications
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority


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