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Pine Falls District Health Care Foundation’s generous donation of new point-of-care ultrasound machine

Emergency department doctors and patients within the Interlake-Eastern region will now benefit from the Pine Falls District Health Care Foundation’s generous donation of new point of care ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound equipment uses high frequency sound waves to capture live images from inside a patient’s body. Another word for ultrasound is sonography. Through the ultrasound technology the doctors can get a better sense of the next steps of care for their patients and contributes to better patient outcomes. This generous donation reduces the number of patients who need to be transferred to Selkirk for ultrasound diagnostics.

“More modern technology like this point of care ultrasound equipment is important for attracting doctors to our community,” says Lynda Seguin, Pine Falls District Health Care Foundation’s  chair at the time of the ultrasound purchase.

The Pine Falls Health Foundation donated the total $56,000 needed to purchase the machine. Since doctors have been using it in February, they have used it to help diagnose cellulitis, cysts and fluid in patients’ abdomen.

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority thanks the health foundation for their generous donation.


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