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Interlake-Eastern RHA promotes “Five questions to ask about your medications” during Canadian Patient Safety Week October 30 to November 3

Canadian Patient Safety Week is October 30 to November 3 this year. Visit the Canadian Institute for Patient Safety at for a listing of resources to help you work with your health care providers to better understand medication safety, how to advocate for yourself as a patient and how to get the most out of conversations with care providers.

One of the information pieces you can download is a handy card with five questions to ask about your medications when you see your doctor, nurse or pharmacist:

1. Changes? Have any medications been added, stopped or changed, and why? 
2. Continue? What medications do I need to keep taking and why? 
3. Proper Use? How do I take my medications and for how long? 
4. Monitor? How will I know if my medication is working, and what side effects do I watch for? 
5. Follow-up? Do I need any tests and when do I book my next visit?

This card, that the Institute for Safe Medication Practices created in partnership with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, is available in a number of different languages. You can also visit the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety website at to download and print the “It’s Safe to Ask Medication Card”. Keeping an up to date medication list, including vitamins and over the counter products, is vital to your safety in emergencies and every day.

Interlake-Eastern RHA is a proud member of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety and is committed to adopting leading practices to improve patient safety. Visit and click on “About Us” and “Your Safety”.

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