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Nurse practitioner Andrew Skene is accepting patients at Quarry Ridge Medical Clinic in Stonewall

This release was posted November 2, 2017. For the latest information on providers accepting patients in Stonewall, please contact the Family Doctor Finder:
Nurse practitioner Andrew Skene is accepting patients at Quarry Ridge Medical Clinic located at 469 1st Street in Stonewall. He completed his undergrad Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After working for several years in his hometown of Dryden, Ontario, he completed the Masters of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Manitoba.
“I enjoy working with others, all people of different ages, and my caring and kind nature directed me towards nursing,” says Andrew. “After working closely with hospitalized inpatients I decided I needed a new challenge and wanted to positively affect people’s lives through improvement of health in the community and that is why I decided to become a nurse practitioner.”
Andrew is recently married to his wife Erin. They live in Winnipeg with their two pets. He enjoys fishing and playing baseball as well as hunting, golfing and hockey. He and his wife enjoy travelling and have been to Switzerland and Mexico in the past two years.
“Being originally from Northwestern Ontario, I am used to seeing trees and lakes, but I find something calming and beautiful about the wide openness of the prairies,” says Andrew. “I look forward to working in Stonewall with Dr. Graham providing excellent care as well as becoming part of the tremendous community I have heard so many great things about.”
Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with a master’s degree. They are capable of performing complete physicals, diagnosing and treating acute or chronic illnesses and injuries, ordering and managing screening and diagnostic tests, performing minor surgical procedures and conducting Pap tests.

NPs care for families, communities and people of all ages. They emphasize health promotion and disease prevention. NPs will work together with the primary care team’s physicians to keep you, your family, and the community you live in healthy.

 Patients can make an appointment with Andrew by phoning the Quarry Ridge Medical Clinic at 204 467-9707. Please be sure to have your Manitoba Health card available when calling to make an appointment.
Andrew Skene

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