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Gimli Community Health Centre launches new ultrasound technology
Gimli Community Health Centre in Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority now has access to a new point of care ultrasound thanks to a local fundraising campaign. Funding for the ultrasound was made possible by a community campaign led by Gimli residents Guenter Doerr and Dave LeBlanc. 

Over the months of November 2016 to April 2017, the campaign generated $57,900 in donations which covered the purchase of a point of care ultrasound for the community’s health centre. When asked what he would say to Gimli’s generous residents, Doerr said, “A big thank you to them all – this machine belongs to them.”

Access to this new diagnostic technology will be a great benefit to community members, as the point of care ultrasound represents cutting edge technology that is quickly becoming a standard of care in many emergency departments. 

This portable ultrasound has the flexibility to provide doctors with the ability to visualize blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves, internal organs, and eyes so they can diagnose or rule out potentially serious medical issues in the emergency department. This will reduce the need for patients to be sent for tests in other hospitals. The ultrasound can also be used to guide medical procedures. Dr. Michele Matter, chief of staff of the Gimli Community Health Centre,  described it as “opening the curtain” so doctors can see what is happening inside the body. Two physicians have already been trained to operate the ultrasound, opening the door for other doctors to access training. 

Dr. Matter congratulated Doerr, LeBlanc and the fundraising team for their initiative to gather funds for such an important community cause.

“This is fantastic for the hospital. Guenter and Dave and the other fundraisers have done a tremendous thing. It’s so important to us.”
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