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Lions Roar for Hearing Donates Hearing Aids to Beausejour and Selkirk Audiology Programs

Children under 18 diagnosed with hearing loss who are waiting for their new hearing aid to arrive or who have a device that is being repaired are now eligible to borrow one thanks to the Lions Children’s Loaner Hearing Aid program. 

The Lions Roar for Hearing fundraiser has raised $17,000 for their hearing committee over the past three years. The funds have been used to start the Lions Children’s Loaner Hearing Aid program that provides hearing aids for loan to audiology clinics across Manitoba.

In Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, the audiology program in Beausejour received two pairs and Selkirk’s program received three pairs. Mamdoh Gerges, audiologist in Selkirk, said the RHA will have a policy in place that governs who can use the hearing aids and families receiving a hearing aid on loan will have to complete an agreement form. Gerges indicated the loan can make a world of difference for children in need.

“Hearing aids are very important for infants and children as they help prevent developmental delays associated with hearing loss,” said Gerges. “The use of loaner hearing aids will ensure that children do not have to go without hearing aids at this important time in their language and cognitive development.”

The program is jointly administered by Central Speech and Hearing Clinic and the Manitoba Audiologist Working Group, a collective of public audiologists from each health region that is working with representatives from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. This committee was established to guide development and implementation of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening program (UNHS). UNHS came into effect last year in Manitoba and provides hearing screening for newborns to ensure hearing deficiencies are addressed early in life.

For more information, the Selkirk audiology department can be reached at 204-785-7403. To contact the Beausejour audiology department, call 204-268-7465.

Click for more details on our hearing/audiology program.  


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