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Emergency Department Status Now Available Online and By Phone
Residents of Interlake-Eastern RHA, as well as travellers, now have two ways to determine the status of the region’s emergency departments.

Schedules identifying physician availability are posted online. Click on the banner at the top of the page that says “Know where to go” or navigate to the page by clicking on the tab “Care in Your Hospital”, and “Emergency Department Schedules”.

To hear a recorded message regarding the status of emergency departments in the region, call toll-free 1-866-267-5818 and press the number for the community of relevance to you:
For Arborg, press 1
For Ashern, press 2
For Beausejour, press 3
For Eriksdale, press 4
For Gimli, press 5
For Pinawa, press 6
For Pine Falls, press 7
For Selkirk, press 8
For Stonewall, press 9
Emergency department services are temporarily suspended in Teulon.

“With the influx of physicians to the region, we are seeing more of our emergency departments offering more reliable access to care,” said Dr. Myron Thiessen, vice president of primary health care and chief medical officer for Interlake-Eastern RHA. “We try to keep the schedule as up-to-date as possible but unforeseen circumstances do occur where a physician may not be available as stated. For instance, on occasion a doctor may accompany a patient on emergency transport – that means they need to leave the hospital for an undetermined period of time.”

Thiessen also stated that with more care providers available in the region, more people are able to make an appointment to see physicians in clinics for non-urgent health care needs as part of regular primary care.

“If I can get an appointment to see my physician or nurse practitioner, that means I don’t have to try and catch them in the emergency department. More robust primary health care means emergency departments remain available to people in need of life saving care which is truly what emergency departments are for,” Thiessen said.

Over 52,000 people have visited Interlake-Eastern’s emergency department schedule website and over 1,500 people have placed calls to the phone line. In the event that someone attends a hospital where a physician is not available in the emergency room, nurses on site will help people identify their care options.

Thiessen always advises to call 911 or your local emergency number if you have a medical emergency.

“The best place to be if you need emergency health care is in the hands of paramedics who will care for you and take you to the closest appropriate facility for the health care emergency you’re experiencing,” Thiessen said.
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