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Healthy Eating


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To get onto a waiting list for a session in your area, contact or call toll free 1-877-979-WELL (9355). 

Eating for Health Classes
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Whether it is general wellness, nutrition tips, weight loss tips or disease specific guidance you seek, this class is for you!  You will learn about lifestyle changes to help you improve cholesterol, blood pressure and what to eat to be a healthier you.  You will learn all about food sources of fat, fibre and sodium and how to read food labels and make sense of it all.


Craving Change

Many people struggle with their eating. Craving Change™ provides a missing piece to the puzzle of helping people change their eating habits. Created by dietitian Wendy Shah and clinical psychologist, Dr. Colleen Cannon, Craving Change™ focuses on understanding why you want to eat.

Craving Change™ addresses emotional eating by focusing why you want to eat. We all know our bodies need food but learn what other factors may be influencing your eating behaviours.

Understand why you eat the way you do. Comfort yourself without food. Change your thinking, change your eating


Lunch Boards

What's in Your Lunch - Nutrition Boards are a series of five display boards available for loan or purchase to complement meetings or community events. These boards are designed to help parents, caregivers, older students and adults understand healthy food choices and use information on food packages to help make decisions. Each board includes shopping tips for busy on-the-go people.


Teachers in Manitoba can use these boards to help achieve nutrition curriculum outcomes in: Grade 5 Science: Cluster 2, 5-1-02; PE/HE: Gr. 6: K.5.6C.1A, Gr.8: S.5.8A.3a, Gr.10: S.5.S2.A3b, Gr.12: Sugar Surprise, Find the Fat, What Does the Package Say?


To book these resources contact 1-877-979-WELL (9355) or 
Or purchase your own set of Lunch Boards, download the order form HERE.

Click here to download coordinating What's In Your Lunch handouts:
Milk & Alternatives
Lait et Substituts
Vegetables & Fruit
Legumes et Fruits
Plats Principaux
Grain Products
Produits Cerealiers


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