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Child and Adolescent Videos


Hover over the title name to see the description attached to some of the videos. All videos are hosted on third party sites.

 Looking for other videos on a variety of mental health topics? Visit  Kelty Mental Health.  You can search their resource library and "Refine Search" by clicking on "Type" and checking off "Videos and Presentations".

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

ADHD Basics by Kelty Mental Health (55min)

Parenting a Child with ADHD by Kelty Mental Health (30 min)

ADHD Goes to School by Kelty Mental Health  (57 min)

The ADHD Brain by Kelty Mental Health (60 min)

30 Essential Ideas for Parents of a Child with ADHD by Dr. Russell Barker (2hr 52min 43s).

ADHD Medication by Dr. Umesh Jain on Caddra (10min 13s)

ADHD and Sleep Management by Dr. Umesh Jain on Caddra (32min 31s)

ADHD and Parenting Challenges by Dr. Umesh Jain on Caddra (12min 41s)



Celebration of the Adolescent Brain by Kelty Mental Health (60 min) 


Impaired by Luna Rose, Alex Henteleff, Danialle Kischook – Argyle Alternative High School (1min28s)

You are the Future by Alexis Arnold, Sydney Arnold, Dannon Arnold, Casandra Hayward – Vincent Massey Collegiate (49s)

Know the Consequences by Jacob Markham, Bennett Sidloski, Etenne Loney, Meghan Rempel, Erik Wiebe – Miles Macdonnell Collegiate (53s)

This is Our Youth by Nathan Flores, Alaia San Miguel, Jordan Marasigan, Michael Dela Rosa – Sisler High School (1min30s)



Finding Hope - Depression in Young People by Kelty Mental Health (60 min)


Psychotropic Medication: What Families Need to Know by Kelty Mental Health (64 min)



MIndfulness: Youth Voices by Kelty Mental Health (3 min)


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): It's Not Just About Washing your Hands by Kelty Mental Health (59 min)



Involving Dads - Dads Talk About Mental Health by Kelty Mental Health (57 min)

How to talk to your child about their disorder by Kelty Mental Health (61 min)

The Art of Raising Resilient Children by Kelty Mental Health (1hr 52min)

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