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Child and Adolescent Videos

 Videos (All videos are hosted on third party sites)

 Looking for other videos on a variety of mental health topics? Visit and click on Resources. You can then "Refine Search" by clicking on "Type" and checking off "Videos and Presentations".

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

ADHD Basics ( - 55 minutes Click here

Parenting a Child with ADHD ( - 30 minutes Click here

ADHD Goes to School ( - 57 minutes Click here

The ADHD Brain ( - 60 minutes - Click here
This webinar explores what ADHD is and how it is diagnosed, what is different about the ADHD brain, what is the cause of ADHD, what other problems are common and what is the treatment for ADHD.

30 Essential Ideas for Parents of a Child with ADHD ( - Click here
Dr. Russell Barker discusses ideas for parents of children with ADHD.

ADHD Medication (  - Click here
This video will explain some of the common side effect of medication for ADHD.

ADHD and Sleep Management ( - Click here
This video is related to sleep management, a significant concern in at least 30% of ADHA patients.

ADHD and Parenting Challenges ( - Click here
Parenting an ADHD child is always a challenge. Learning to stop arguing with your child is hard to do but this video gives some useful suggestions as to how it can be done.



Celebration of the Adolescent Brain ( - 60 minutes  Click here
This webinar looks at the adolescent brain development and how it impacts attitudes, behaviours, emotions, relationships, and risk taking and what parents can do to support their youth.



Finding Hope - Depression in Young People ( - 60 minutes Click here
This webinar explores: how do I know my child is depressed, what causes youth depression, what impact depression can have, how to find help, treatment options, and what parents can do.



Psychotropic Medication: What Families Need to Know ( - 64 minutes Click here
Outline: management plans, access to medications, questions to ask, types of medications, and monitoring forms.



MIndfulness: Youth Voices ( - 3 minutes Click here


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): It's Not Just About Washing your Hands ( - 59 minutes Click here
In this session, Dr. Evelyn Stewart, gives a broad overview on the signs of OCD and treatment. In addition, Bruce and Leanne MacKenzie (parents) share their story of their teenage son's journey from diagnosis to remission and discuss ways they provide support for their son at home and school.


Various Topics:

Involving Dads - Dads Talk About Mental Health ( - 57 minutes Click here
Talking about involving dads in the mental health discussion.

How to talk to your child about their disorder ( - 61 minutes Click here
This webinar explores kids and mental health challenges: What every parent should know, when to seek help for your child, and having "that" conversation and what to keep in mind.

The Art of Raising Resilient Children ( - 1 hour and 52 minutes Click here
This is a video presentation of Dr. Linda Uyeda's presentation: The Art of Raising Resilient Children. In this presentation, you'll learn: how early life experiences shape the developing brain, how secure attachment relationships and mindfulness practices can improve learning, anxiety, relationship skills, focus and concentration in our children and how mindfulness can improve our own health and well-being as caring adults who support children and youth.

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