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French Language Services

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French Language Services and You!

Our French Language Services Questionnaire (.pdf) or French language services questionnaire (.doc)

The Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is requesting your feedback! Over the past several years we have been taking measures to improve our active offer of French language services. Our French Language Services Questionnaire offers the opportunity to not only give us feedback, but increase awareness of the existing French Language resources! Your responses will assist us in developing and improving our French Language Services.

All responses can be returned via:
Mail: French Language Services
St. Laurent Community Health Centre
Box 130, St. Laurent, MB
R0C 2S0

The Interlake-Eastern RHA is designated as a bilingual regional health authority by the Province of Manitoba. Francophones account for 5.7 per cent of the region's overall population.

The largest concentrations of Francophone populations identified in our region are:

• The Rural Municipality of St. Laurent, including Marquette (RM of Woodlands).
• The Town of Powerview-Pine-Falls.
• The Rural of Municipality of Alexander including St-Georges.
• The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach.
• Grand Marais and Grand Beach (RM of St. Clements).

Designated Bilingual Areas in Region - Map

Two French Language Service coordinators work in the region out of offices based in St. Laurent and St. Georges. These French Language Service coordinators are linked to the region's Primary Health Care program. They participate in delivering services in French, connect Francophone clients to appropriate health services, promote active offer by our health care providers, promote staff language training, identify documents and resources for translation and represent the region on provincial French Language Service committees.

The Centre de Sante Communautaire de St. Laurent is a designated bilingual health facility and offers public health, mental health, home care, community wellness and nurse practitioner services. The Neil Gaudy five bed supportive housing is also located in the centre.

The Pine Falls Health Complex is a bilingual facility and offers acute care, primary care, and long-term care services. Home care, mental health, public health and community wellness services are available in the community.

A regional French Language Service committee includes a member of executive management and the two French Language Service coordinators. The Interlake-Eastern RHA connects with the Francophone community in a variety of ways in order to gain awareness of the issues affecting their overall health and wellness and to seek input on how to best address their needs.

To contact a French Language Services Coordinator: 

Michelle Berthelette
Pine Falls
(204) 367-5402

Lori Carrière
St. Laurent
(204) 646-2504 ext 3

More information onFrench Language Services in Manitoba.

French Language Services Plan:

Interlake-Eastern RHA French Language Services Plan 2018-2023 

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