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Goals of Care Designations

There are three general approaches to care called Goals of Care Designations:

Comfort Care
In this approach to care, the aim of medical tests and interventions are for optimal symptom control and maintenance of function when cure or control of an underlying condition is no longer possible or desired. Transfer to a hospital may occur in order to better understand or control symptoms.

Medical Care
Medical tests and interventions are used to cure or manage an illness as well as possible but don’t use resuscitative or life support measures. This is appropriate when resuscitative and life support measures won’t work or when the person chooses not to receive such treatments. Medical care can be provided in many locations, depending on the person’s wishes and values as well as medical appropriateness.

Resuscitative Care
The focus is to prolong or preserve life using any medical or surgical means including, if needed, resuscitation (trying to restart the heart after it has stopped) and admission to Intensive Care.

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