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New Doctor Accepting Patients in Gimli (March 1 2018)

This release was posted March 1, 2018. For the latest information on doctors accepting patients in Gimli, please contact the Family Doctor Finder:

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is pleased to announce Dr. Jonah Fulmore is now accepting new patients at the Gimli Community Health Centre, located in Johnson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Fulmore completed his medical training at the University of Manitoba with a focus on urgent and emergent care as well as addictions.

Dr. Fulmore is originally from the Northwest Territories and came to his calling as a physician through the influence of his mother, who is an ICU nurse. He enjoys the fact that both Gimli and Selkirk have newer hospitals and staff who pride themselves in patient care and have a close understanding of the lifestyle of the community.

As a fan of the outdoors – golf, fishing and hockey being the “big three” – Dr. Fulmore was immediately attracted to the lifestyle of the Interlake. “My interests of fishing and golf have brought me to the Gimli area as the great hospital, great staff and great people.”

Dr. Fulmore and his wife (who is also a physician specializing in obstetrics) have recently moved to the Interlake and are “looking forward to putting down roots and serving the population here.”

Patients can make an appointment with Dr. Fulmore by calling the Gimli Community Health Centre at 204-642-1618. Please be sure to have your Manitoba Health card ready when calling to make an appointment.

Dr. Jonah Fulmore

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