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IERHA $5 Club and Selkirk Ladies Auxiliary donate $29000 to Project Echo

Ladies Auxiliary Project Echo DonationInterlake-Eastern RHA’s $5 Club and Selkirk Regional Health Centre’s Gift Shop volunteers provide $29,000 in support of “Project Echo”

April 19, 2018 –Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Selkirk, recently celebrated the donation of $29,000 in support of “Project Echo.” Of this funding, Selkirk Ladies Auxiliary’s gift shop volunteers from Selkirk Regional Health Centre (SRHC) donated $25,000 and Interlake Eastern RHA’s $5 Club, a staff-led community fundraising effort, donated another $4,000.

Betty Milkowski of the Selkirk Ladies Auxiliary that manages the gift shop in SRHC notes that their donation is rooted in a long history in community support to the hospital.

The Ladies Auxiliary has been in operation since the hospital was located on Eveline Street. Our goal has always been to provide extra funds for the purchase of additional equipment or the replacement of equipment that has been identified by the hospital staff with the comfort of patients in mind,” Milkowski said.

Bonnie Peloski, wellness coordinator with the Interlake-Eastern RHA, is happy to be able to be a part of the health authority’s employee-led $5 Club, in which employees annually donate $5.00 from every pay cheque towards community health causes of their choice. She says iProject Echo offers a very satisfying way for employees to give back to health care in our region.

“I believe the contribution towards the new echocardiogram is very important. It will be an invaluable tool to help residents in our region and surrounding areas; cutting down on wait times and proving to them that their health is very important to us. I love being part of the $5.00 Club because the contributions are so important and reach people that may not have had a chance to have something so great!”

Pamela McCallum, executive director of the Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation, said the Project Echo campaign was started by the Rotary Club of Selkirk has been strong.

“It’s truly remarkable to see this amount of funding come from staff and volunteers in our community. Thank you to both groups for their phenomenal efforts” said McCallum.

Project Echo will allow SHRC to purchase echocardiography technology, a painless test that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of the heart. This imagery shows the size and shape of a patient’s heart as well as the functioning of the heart’s chambers and valves. The addition of this service in Interlake-Eastern will lessen wait times and reduce the need for travel.

At a dinner celebrating these generous donations yesterday evening, Gail Halliwell, of the Selkirk Rotary Club, expressed gratitude to both Interlake-Eastern RHA and Selkirk Ladies Auxiliary’s SRCHgift shop volunteers.

“Selkirk Rotarians are once again impressed with the generousity of our community. The Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation has given Project Echo a significant boost with their generous donations. The $5 Club represents donations from Interlake-Eastern RHA staff totalling $4000, an impressive amount by any standard,” Halliwell said.

The auxiliary’s SRHC gift shop donation by is one of the largest to date.

“The auxiliary/gift  shop donation has really blown us away! Their donation of $25,000 is the single largest donation to Project Echo aside from that of Selkirk Rotary. The Gift Shop is a volunteer organization that has been making a difference everyday to hospital visitors--and now their generousity will be felt by patients who need echocardiography. Rotarians say “bravo”!”

For more information, contact Pamela McCallum, executive director of the Interlake Eastern Health Foundation at (204) 785-7044.


Selkirk Regional Health Centre’s gift shop volunteers present donation to Selkirk’s Rotary Club for Project Echo. From L-R: Jean Oliver, Lee Hanson, and Gayle Halliwell from the Rotary Club of Selkirk; Pamela McCallum, executive director, Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation; Pat Pennington and  and Betty Milkowski (SRHC gift shop volunteers

Interlake-Eastern RHA’s $5 Dollar Club present their donation to the Rotary Club for Project Echo. From L to R: Lee Hanson (Rotary Club of Selkirk), Bonnie Peloski (IERHA staff / $5 Club member, Pamela McCallum (Executive Director, Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation), and Gayle Halliwell (Rotary Club of Selkirk).

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