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Cancer services
People living with a cancer diagnosis and treatment have a number of supports in the region where care and concern are complemented with information and empowerment. 

Community Cancer Programs

CancerCare Manitoba works in partnership with Regional Health Authorities to support rural communities in establishing Community Cancer Programs.


The Interlake-Eastern RHA has three Community Cancer Programs located in hospitals in: 

Gimli 204-642-4520 
Pinawa               204-753-2334 
Selkirk 204-785-7400 

These programs are outpatient units staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of family physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals who have received specialized education in oncology. Group of specialists in each site work with CancerCare Manitoba oncologists and staff to provide comprehensive cancer care, including chemotherapy, follow-up care and support closer to home, allowing patients to stay connected to their families and communities. The oncologists maintain ongoing contact with sCommunity Cancer Programs team and retains overall responsibility for the patient's care.

Cancer Navigation Services

When facing a cancer diagnosis it can be shocking and confusing. If you or a member of your family have been diagnosed with cancer, the cancer navigation services team is here to help.


Cancer navigation can guide and support you and your family through the entire cancer journey. Receiving information and support in a timely manner can help to reduce distress and anxiety. Cancer navigation services are provided free of charge to Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority residents and their families.


 The cancer navigation services team consists of:

· two nurse navigators

· a community engagement liaison coordinator

· an oncology social worker (psychosocial oncology) 

Nurse navigators: Nurse navigators are experienced registered nurses with specialization in oncology. They work closely with patients and health care providers to improve coordination in services and continuity in cancer care. They can track referrals and test results and help with preparation for appointments, explain medical information and provide resources and links to other supports.

Community engagement liaison: coordinates requests for service, helps communities access culturally safe care, manages the patient and family information and resource centre, provides communities with information about cancer awareness

Psychosocial oncology social worker : specializes in helping patients and families cope with cancer, offering support in the following areas:
Emotional - exploration of feelings such as fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, stress, anger, uncertainty
Psychological - discussions to help with coping, the impact of cancer in your life, self-esteem, body changes
Social - how to talk to your partner, children, family, friends and others; managing work, school and being out in the community
Practical issues - how to talk about cancer, manage costs, access resources, arrange transportation
Accessing support programs - including local and or CancerCare supports
Cancer Navigation Services are supported by CancerCare Manitoba and Interlake-Eastern RHA.


A​ccess Cancer Navigation Services

Your family doctor, nurse or any other health care professional can refer you to the nurse navigators. Patients and families can also contact the nurse navigator directly for more information about a cancer diagnosis, treatment or follow up care.

Nurse Navigators and Psychosocial Oncology Clinician (Selkirk)
​Toll-Free:   ​​​​​​ 1.855.557.2273 (CARE)
Fax:                1-204-785-9242

Community Engagement Liaison
Phone:          1-204-739-2777
Fax:                1-204-739-5544


The goal of Cancer Navigation Services is to improve each cancer patient’s journey by helping Manitobans and their families connect with compassionate and high quality cancer care when they need it, and as close to home as possible. 

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