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Calling for an ambulance
We do our best to keep this page up to date but we are not advised if and when changes occur. Please check with your town or RM office if you don't know what number to dial in the event of an emergency. For communities without 911 service, the front of your phone book will list emergency numbers or check Enhanced 911 in Manitoba.

Calling for an ambulance is the best thing you can do in a medical emergency. Is it an emergency?

Most areas in Manitoba support 911 calling. 

There are a few areas that still require a call to a 10-digit number. These include (this may not be a complete or up-to-date listing):

Bissett 204-277-5119 
Dauphin River  204-659-2500
Fairford 204-659-2500 
Fisher Branch 204-645-4141
Gypsumville 204-659-2500 
Hecla-Grindstone 204-642-4040
Lake St. Martin 204-659-2500
Little Saskatchewan  204-659-2500
Pine Dock 204-642-4040
Pointe du Bois  204-753-8888
Fort Alexander  204-367-2333

More on Emergency Medical Services/Ambulance in Interlake-Eastern RHA.
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