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Interlake-Eastern RHA paramedic services launches use of innovative airway device to improve patient care

Throughout the first half of this year, our EMS department and educators for hospital staff have been working with paramedics, nurses and physicians to spearhead the launch of a new device that improves the way critical patients are treated. The IGel ™ is an airway management device that has a soft, non-inflatable cuff that was designed to mirror the patient’s anatomy and improve the efficiency and reliability of insertion. 

Our Interlake-Eastern RHA paramedics started receiving hands-on training with the device in 2017. By Spring 2018, all of our paramedics and our acute care facility nursing and physician staff were provided with training to ensure consistency in care for patients across all departments.

The IGel is now in use with our paramedics and acute care staff and is not only improving efficiency of our resuscitation management, it is also benefiting patients. The IGel is available in a range of seven different sizes (adult and pediatric)  that allow for a quick and reliable fit. This is a huge improvement over previously available technology and is a change welcomed by both EMS and acute care staff. According to Dennis Dwornick, Interlake-Eastern RHA's EMS education manager.

“The IGel device has been proven in practice in the United Kingdom for the last decade and in Canada and United States over the last few years. Moving to the IGel device is an evidence-based best practice for our organization. It’s safer, quicker, easier, and available for a greater age range of patients. This change benefits our patients, employees, and organization and was an easy decision to make,” Dwornick said. 

Prior to our use of the IGel, EMS employees were using the an older model airway device that used inflatable balloons to seal the patient’s airway. These devices were large, inflexible, required inflation and were more expensive. The move to a new product has many different benefits.  

For more information, please contact:

Cynthia Thoroski, Communications Associate, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

PH: (204) 785-4766,

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