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New Doctor Accepting Patients in Gimli - Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is pleased to welcome Dr. Sarah Blelloch to Gimli(Aug 15 2018)

This release was posted August 15, 2018. For the latest information on doctors accepting patients in Gimli, please contact the Family Doctor Finder:

The Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is pleased to announce Dr. Sarah Blelloch is now accepting new patients at the Gimli Community Health Centre, located in Johnson Memorial Hospital. She completed her medical training at the University of Manitoba with special interests including women’s health, addictions, eating disorders and mental health.

She says it was a connection to family that first motivated her to be a doctor. “My grandpa was sick when I was younger so I spent a lot of time in the hospital with him. As I got older, I realized that I really enjoyed working with people and helping people, so medicine was a great fit.”

Dr. Blelloch is originally from Virden, Manitoba, and knows what it’s like to live, work and be a part of a small community. When asked about what motivated her to work in the Interlake-Eastern RHA, Dr. Blelloch said, “I always knew that I wanted to practice rurally and the Interlake-Eastern staff and patients have been very friendly and supportive of having me as a part of their practice. I also like the variety – I can tailor my practice to my interests and do what I enjoy most.”

Dr. Blelloch and her husband Daniel are fans of sports, travel and live music. They play together in a competitive dodgeball league and have traveled to Europe, Thailand, Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico and various places throughout Canada and the United States. Describing the region as a “beautiful place to settle down,” she and her husband are currently looking for a home in the Interlake.

Patients can make an appointment with Dr. Blelloch by calling the Gimli Community Health Centre at 204-642-1618. Please be sure to have your Manitoba Health card ready when calling to make an appointment.

Dr Sarah Blelloch
Dr. Sarah Blelloch

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