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Information for Staff Flu Shot Providers

The following information pertains ONLY to flu immunization of Interlake-Eastern RHA employees, physicians and volunteers, NOT patients or residents.
The competency readings below are intended for nurses administering flu shots to health care staff in facility settings.

Competency Readings

Learning Module for Staff Flu Shot Providers 2018
Flu Vaccine Reference Guide 2018
Flulaval Tetra Product Monograph 2018
FluPneumo Consent Screening Form 2018
FLuzone Quadrivalent Product Monograph 2018
IERHA FLu vaccine QandA for HCP's
Immunization Inputting Form
MB Health Flu Fact Sheet 2018
MB Health Protocol for Management of Anaphylaxis
Vaccine Related Allergic Reactions IERHA

Additional Information

Immunization Practices IERHA
MB Health Seasonal Influenza Plan
NACI Statement for Influenza 2018-19

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