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National Volunteer Week is April 7-13 Interlake Eastern RHA to Thank Volunteers for their Uplifting Work
Throughout the next four weeks, Interlake-Eastern RHA (IERHA) will be hosting a series of teas to celebrate the invaluable support volunteers provide to health care. 

Members of IERHA’s board of directors, David Oakley, Ruth Ann Furgala, Charlene Rocke, Judith Cameron and Amanda Stevenson,  Oral Johnston, Brian Magnusson, Laurie Andrews and Judy Dunn will attend a tea to thank volunteers. Interlake-Eastern board chair, Margaret Mills, Mills is a former registered nurse who fully understands the value that volunteers bring to health care. 

“Volunteers offer help to people in need and work tirelessly for worthwhile causes. Our communities benefit from all their good work.” says Mills, “The Interlake-Eastern board of directors know and appreciate the outstanding value of all these Volunteer efforts.”

National volunteer week runs from April 7-13 and this year’s theme is The Volunteer Factor - Lifting Communities. Volunteers received special invitations to attend the teas being held in their honour. 
Staff will be preparing a special lunch for volunteers and there will be presentations acknowledging volunteer contributions throughout the year. 

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