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Lundar Based Physician, Dr. Neil Burnet, Retires After 44 Years
On Friday, April 25, staff and former staff of E.M. Crowe Memorial Hospital in Eriksdale joined together for cake and coffee with Dr. Neil Burnet to wish him well in his retirement after 44 years of practice. 
During his career, Dr. Burnet attended clinics in Lundar, Oak Point, Eriksdale, St. Laurent and Lake Manitoba First Nation, he worked on-call at the hospital, where he was chief of staff for many years, and he also cared for personal care home residents in Eriksdale and Lundar.

“I came in 1975 not expecting to stay a long time,” Dr. Burnet said. “I’ve had a great time in this hospital.”
He has cared for thousands of people in the course of his career and, for many families in the area, his care has spanned generations. 

Staff members characterized Dr. Burnet as patient and kind, with “a heart of gold”. He always kept his patients’ best interests top of mind. Among the gifts presented to him was a hand carved walking stick to remind him, no matter where he goes, of the people he worked closely with for so long. 

Dr. Myron Thiessen, Interlake-Eastern RHA’s vice president of medical services and chief medical officer was among those paying tribute to Dr. Burnet at his retirement celebration. 

“There are not a lot of physicians like you anymore. You were a one man show when you arrived in the 1970s providing all of the care in the community and surrounding area, every hour of every day, every day of the year! These communities won’t forget you,” Dr. Thiessen said. 

Patients of Dr. Burnet’s who are seeking a primary health care provider can call Eriksdale medical clinic at 204.739.2672 for an appointment. Family Doctor Finder, 1-866-690-8260, can also advise of other physicians in Interlake-Eastern RHA area accepting new patients. 
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