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Registrations now open for compassionate care program
It should come as no surprise that spiritual health is often a key element in helping patients adapt to the challenging situations that are common within health care settings. Spiritual focus can be vital for patients to maintain their courage and inner strength, especially during times of a health crisis.

To help build that capacity, the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is offering the Spirit of Caring course this fall. This nine week series prepares volunteers on how to support those in a health care setting cope during moments of suffering, trauma, uncertainty or loss.

“Spiritual care offers holistic healing in helping patients find their peace,” said Marion Magnusson, Interlake-Eastern’s spiritual health services coordinator. “It is during these moments of uncertainty that patients may need to regain their spiritual focus and reconnect with their beliefs.”

The course will guide volunteers on how to attend to spiritual distress, conflict and dilemma in themselves and others in a respectful, caring and compassionate way. Participants will learn the practical applications of spirituality in a variety of situations in health care including how to recognize, respect and support a spiritual need. It will be held at the Pine Fall Primary Health Care Complex starting September 19.

“It is the activity of devoting presence, attention and respectful listening to people in helping them while perhaps in the midst of a health crisis,” Magnusson said.

Open to all in the community, the Spirit of Caring offers nine weekly sessions of 2.5 hours. All course fees will be waived for those who go onto becoming a spiritual health services volunteer in any of the Regional Health Authorities in Manitoba.

“It’s about hope, respect and kindness,” Magnusson said, “to establish healthy caring relationships, devoting presence, attention and respectful listening to people in a caring and compassionate way.”

The course runs from September 19—November 7, 2019. Deadline for volunteer registration is September 16. For details and to register, contact Marion Magnusson at 204-785-7028, cell: 204-641-1379 or
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