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Community Health Assessment Report 2019
284 pages
Published December 2019 - updated June 8, 2020

 2019CHA-coverUnderstanding the health needs and assets of the people that live in Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is critical to effectively planning programs and services. Access to local health data supports planning for policies and programs that are responsive to communities' unique needs and will most benefit their residents.

In Manitoba, this understanding is gained through legislated community health assessments (CHAs). 

Using a population health approach, CHAs provide baseline information about the health status, determinants of health, and health system utilization of community residents. The CHA also tracks health outcomes over time, identifies opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention, and describes the conditions that contribute to health disparities.

The CHA allows us to begin to understand ourselves: who we are, our strengths, our challenges, and how our health system responds to our needs. One of the strengths of the CHA is that it presents data from several time periods to reflect health trends to help identify areas needing priority action.

CHAs present local data and local interpretation of that data, foster community engagement, and highlight community strengths and areas for improvement. This information enables the community-wide establishment of health priorities and facilitates collaborative action planning directed at improving community health status and quality of life. 

This year's report features more detailed presentation of data. We have excerpted pages from the CHA report to create a separate document that can be referenced to assist in interpreting the visualization of data featured in the report.


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