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Reporting COVID-19 cases by RHA districts
The province is now providing greater geographic detail for the location of COVID-19 cases. They are identifying case location by district.

Interlake-Eastern RHA has 15 districts comprised of one or more rural municipalities. These districts may be named after a specific community but, in most instances, they reflect an much greater geographic area. See the map below for the geographic span of a district and, if you scroll further, you will see the breakdown of district by jurisdiction.

Cases and risk of COVID-19 in Manitoba (scroll down and click on Interlake-Eastern RHA for maps of cases and data for our region)

Interlake-Eastern RHA Zones and Districts Map

*Note: Prairie Mountain Health region has a district named Little Saskatchewan. COVID-19 cases reported in that region are NOT associated with the First Nations community in our region that goes by the same name.

Interlake-Eastern RHA Districts Breakdown by Municipal Jurisdictions

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Districts with RMs

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