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Masks mandatory at all health care facilities

As of September 1, 2020, all persons visiting health care facilities and clinics within them, including designated support persons, general visitors, tradespeople and vendors, and outpatients attending medical appointments, are required to bring and wear and non-medical face mask for the duration of their visit. The mask must be worn in a manner that covers the mouth, nose and chin. It should not be touched or removed to speak with anyone. With the exception of specific exemptions made on a case-by-case basis, visitors who are not wearing a mask will not be admitted.

We strongly advise everyone to wear a non-medical mask when seeking care at any clinic in our region, even if it is not attached to a hospital or health care facility. Please contact your clinic to find out if they have any other specific requirements due to COVID-19.


  • Children under five years of age
  • Individuals with medical conditions unrelated to COVID-19, including breathing or cognitive difficulties, that prevent them from safely wearing a mask
  • Persons who are unable to put on or remove their mask without assistance


For further details regarding the requirement of masks, read this news release from the Government of Manitoba.


Details for vendors can also be found in this letter to vendors from Shared Health.


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