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Strategic Planning with Interlake-Eastern RHA

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Glen West
Interlake-Eastern RHA Board of Directors 


On May 4 and 7, Interlake-Eastern RHA's board of directors were joined by approximately 100 other people who are as passionate about health care as we are to start working on our plan for the future. Among those present to guide development of our five-year-strategic plan were elected municipal officials, members of our local health involvement groups, First Nation health directors, educators, affiliated health organization representatives, staff and physicians.

Our objective over the two days was to identify what we need to focus on as our regional priorities.

To help us better understand the status of health care at this time, we started with a series of presentations. Minister of Health and Seniors Care, Heather Stefanson, and Minister of Mental Health, Wellness and Recovery, Audrey Gordon joined us to share insights into the key areas of focus for their portfolios. Minister Stefanson spoke about improving access, patient experience, safety and sustainability of health care. Minister Gordon introduced us to the role of this new ministry and the work they have outlined to support improved access to mental health and addictions resources. 
We then heard a series of short presentations on topics relevant to the current and future context of health care. Ian Shaw, transformation program leader working with the Province and Shared Health, talked about the need for health system change and the fact that while we have continued to invest in health care, Manitoba remains at or near the bottom of national rankings in a number of categories including waits for emergency department services and some diagnostic tests and surgeries. He spoke to the Blueprint for Change that outlines the steps Manitoba is undertaking to get health care on a track towards health care that is sustainable and that better meets our needs. He also talked about the Clinical and Preventive Services Plan that is Manitoba's first provincial plan for the delivery of health care services.

Dr. Sri Navaratnam, president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba, shared her organization's priorities towards controlling cancer in Manitoba and Ben Fry, chief operating officer, mental health and addictions with Shared Health, walked us through provincial and regional planning for mental health initiatives. We also heard from staff on regional health status and an overview of the Indigenous Health Strategy the region's advisory committee established. Representatives from Shared Health spoke about opportunities for digital health within our transformed health system. Dr. Mike Loudon, a family medicine practitioner in Interlake-Eastern RHA, provided his insight into how a team based model of care and a collaborative approach within his practice extends the expertise and care available to his clinic's patients.

Thanks to the participation of those involved, our strategic planning days with stakeholders was a tremendous success. We have pages of insightful comments to review and compile into the document that will guide us through the next five years.

Next Steps in Our Strategic Planning Process

1.   By early June - Compile a draft plan 

2.   By July 15 - Public launch of the plan

4.   November 2021 - Stakeholder review of plan and our progress towards achieving plan priorities

These publicly available materials were identified by our speakers as an opportunity for planning partners to better understand some of the guiding documents and research currently influencing decision making in health care. We encourage you to explore them if you're interested in learning more about health care in this region and provincially. 

Background reading 

Health System Transformation 

Health System Transformation - Blueprint for Change

Manitoba's Clinical and Preventive Services Plan - website

Manitoba's Clinical and Preventive Services Plan - Overview

Consolidated Provincial Clinical Team Chapters
The following reflect contributions to the Clinical and Preventive Services Plan of the 11 provincial clinical teams that were comprised of health care providers from across the province. These experts brought their diverse experience and perspectives to the planning process, gathering information and analyzing data compiled on the services, delivery and models of care used across the province as well as leading practices from other jurisdictions:

Primary Health and Community Services

Emergency - Critical Care and Acute Medicine

Women’s Health & Child Health

Trauma Services

Surgery & Anaesthesia

Mental Health & Addictions

Cardiovascular & Thoracic


Chronic & Complex Medicine

Seniors & Rehabilitation

Cancer & Palliative Care

Interlake-Eastern RHA health status data

Community Health Assessment - 2019

Executive summary 

Sommaire du rapport de l’évaluation de la santé de l’Office Régional de la santé d’Entre-les-Lacs et de l'Est 2019

Indigenous Health

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority Regional Indigenous Health Strategy - A Beginning for Future Consultation and Collaboration

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy - The Health Status of and Access to Healthcare by Registered First Nation Peoples in Manitoba

Mental Health and Addictions

Improving Access and Coordination of Mental Health and Addiction Services: A Provincial Strategy for all Manitobans (Virgo Report)

Mental Health & Addictions chapter of the Provincial Clinical and Preventive Services Plan as provided by the provincial clinical team

Addictions Medicine in the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority: A 3-year capacity building

ECHO practice model

CancerCare Manitoba

Roadmap to Cancer Control for Manitoba 2020

CancerCare Manitoba Roadmap Priorities - summary 

DAY 2 Agenda - Friday, May 7, 9:00 to 2:30 p.m. UPDATED May 2


DAY 2 Agenda - Friday, May 7, 9:00 to 2:30 p.m. UPDATED May 2


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